OpenCms 7.5.2 disponible

22/01/2010       Alejandro Alves

La nueva versión de OpenCms ya está disponible, se trata de una versión de mantenimiento que soluciona algunos de los problemas encontrados en la versión anterior.

Tal y como leemos en la nota de prensa oficial, los fix solucionados son:

  • Fixed issue #1542: Links to exported files containing anchors are not resolved correctly
  • Fixed issue #1787: Error when browsing the next result pages in the OpenCms backend search
  • Fixed issue #1800: Still not released resources are indexed
  • Fixed issue #1802: CmsShell does not work in Linux with Tomcat 6
  • Fixed issue #1807: CmsImportVersion7 contains a counter error in INFO log level
  • Fixed issue #1808: OpenCms.getLinkManager().getOnlineLink(CmsObject, link) does not work
  • Fixed issue #1809: Left site tree view is shown duplicated when creating a new folder in any site
  • Fixed issue #1815: Aborted publish job goes on before resources are finally initialized when OpenCms restarts
  • Fixed issue #1817: Fail to load Download/HTML/Link/Table Gallery from HTMLWidget on Websphere 6.1
  • Fixed issue #1819: FCKeditor does not work with newer Firefox versions
  • Fixed issue with cached CmsResource lists are not cleared after publishing a project
  • Fixed incorrect Lucene search result score
  • Fixed list search filter caching problem in OpenCms Administration view
  • Fixed access to indirect group users
  • Fixed double explorer action execution
  • Fixed issue with JSP repository not being purged automatically after module import
  • Added additional MIME types
  • Updated EditArea syntax highlighting editor to version 0.8.2
  • Updated Apache Commons Pool to version 1.5.4