OpenCms 7.5.3 disponible

Thu Aug 26 11:56:00 CEST 2010       Sergio Raposo Vargas

Alkacon ha lanzado una nueva versión de su gestor de contenidos OpenCms: OpenCms 7.5.3. Esta nueva versión no trae grandes novedades, más bien es un "parche" más de la versión 7.5.

Como podemos ver en la noticia oficial la gran mayoría de cosas son resolución de bugs encontrados.

A continuación os copio la lista de nuevas funcionalidades publicadas en el "release notes" oficial:

New features and improvements in OpenCms 7.5.3

  • External Links (pointers) now support handling of request parameters
  • New workplace content tool to update the structure of XML contents without changing the modification date
  • New XML content element type "CmsXmlPlainTextStringValue" that removes HTML code for the search results
  • The workplace content tool "Change Property Values" now allows to use wildcards in the old and new value
  • In the workplace content tool "Change Property Values" if "Include all subfolders" is checked, also the properties of the folder itself are changed
  • Added new CmsShell command to import resources with a third parameter to control if permissions should be kept
  • Improved localized text for undo changes dialog
  • A new created search index in the workplace is now checked for invalid characters in the index name
  • Removed validations for XML content element actions: add, remove, move up, move down
  • Renamed context menu entry "Comment content" in "Edit metadata"
  • It is now possible to "Undo changes" after changing the availability of a resource
  • Improved user driver, additional infos are now stored in the database in a more efficient way
  • Improved user driver, during user login only the last login date is written to database
  • Updated Apache Commons Email to version 1.2

Fixed issues in OpenCms 7.5.3

  • Fixed issue #1870: JS calendar generated by DateTimeWidget does not show up if lithuanian (lt) locale is selected in workplace
  • Fixed issue #1872: Anchor of URL being encoded incorrectly
  • Fixed issue #1886: Error when displaying historic version after a resource has been moved
  • Fixed issue #1889: Keep browser based authentication text when rewriting the opencms-system.xml
  • Fixed issue #1890: History version functionality also works for files with expired date now
  • Fixed issue #1891: Bug in Flex Cache: Cache-Directive "ports" works with list of ports like ports=(8080,8081)
  • Fixed issue with broken dialog when trying to edit a group that is part of an organizational unit
  • Fixed issue with displaying HTML in the "Title" and "NavText" column of explorer view
  • Fixed issue with the locale calculation in the publish scheduled procedure
  • Fixed issue with malformed encoding in workplace property files